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Welcome to the e-Health Nurses Network

October 2012 Update: In a new approach now focused mainly on news this Network seeks to keep you up-to-date with the latest UK-wide e-Health related environment in it's widest sense. We have gradually evolved since first starting in 2003 (for history see e-Health Group) and these pages thus offer a fascinating UK-wide source of e-health information covering 10 years.

Please visit our pages, fell free to get in touch and tell us what you feel you need – this resource is for you, owned by you, without you the Network does not exist!

This Network is for all of the UK Countries and local regions - whether you live in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England - you will find a local page relevant to you!

Be informed, be involved, be innovative - e-Health is the future!

AIM : "To facilitate professional development through the exploration of e-health and it's impact on patient care within a new collaborative environment"


The eHealth Nurses Network defines e-health as the "The promotion and facilitation of health & well-being with individuals & families and the enhancement of professional practice by the use of information & communication technology".
[adapted from Gott]

e-Health Highlights: June 2014

NMC/Regulatory Update: NMC seeks first session public commitment from all political parties to “revolutionise” the regulation of healthcare professionals ; Help to shape the future of nursing and midwifery AND Consultation on a draft revised Code and our proposed approach to revalidation - be sure and have YOUR say - runs until 11th August (Part one of the revalidation consultation now closed); Registration services move online ; Subscribe to the NMC Newsletter

HCPC Update: Employer survey on fitness to practise information ; Current In Focus

Live in Wales? See Welsh Clinical Portal rolls out in North Wales - read more on your own eNWI page ;

Live in Scotland? See NHS Lanarkshire creates analytics apps -- more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? New service will improve sharing of patient information - See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England?See Caldicott to oversee pilot and Protecting Health and Care Information; A consultation on proposals to introduce new Regulations - read more news below or look on your own area page

Don't miss the Newsfeed for even more up to date news which is constantly fed in!

Publications/articles of interest this month:Protecting Health and Care Information; A consultation on proposals to introduce new Regulations ; Six suppliers on ESR shortlist ; Sowerby Commission Report: Bringing primary and secondary care data together together to improve care ; Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, 2014 Update: How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally ; The Open Data Era in Health and Social Care ; Busting Bureaucracy ; Revolution in mental health information is launched ; Accountable care organisations in the United States and England ; Prioritising person-centred care - the evidence ; Forget information overload….the real challenge is content intelligence

Web Sites of interest this month: ; HealthX ; Highlighting business plan priorities in a new film

Education/Training: Surrey Informatics Summer School 2014: How to use routine health data for quality improvement & research ;

Archived News: Archived News 2003 - 2014

Latest Other News June 2014

e-records this month:;

Information Governance: Caldicott to oversee pilot ; Social media posts prompt investigation ; Protecting Health and Care Information; A consultation on proposals to introduce new Regulations ; (DH issues guidance on 'safe havens') ; NHS must earn trust on data - Manning ; BMA votes for opt-in ; DH plans to establish NIB as priority ; Leaked ICO audit reveals data breach ; Emis gives pharmacists GP record access

Personal Health records/Personal Health: Apple kits out health info platform ; iPad forms capture Rheumatic data ; Embracing technology has real benefits for patients

England: SCR reaches 40m patients ; Doncaster delays PAS go-live ; Open source EPR gives Taunton options ; Cerner launches cloud EPR for NHS trusts ; Royal Free, London's first to exit NPfIT ; IMS Maxims releases source code for EPR ; George Eliot deploys Lorenzo ; Blackpool retrenches on Alert EPR plans ; Norfolk plans 2015 Lorenzo go-live

Wales: Royal Gwent views IHR

Commissioning: 'Metrics, Quality, Measurement and Monitoring' etc this month; Nine CSU alliances created for future ; Kelsey says 'listen with data' ; NHS Arden rolls out care homes dashboard ; £20m on open source in 'tech fund 2' ; Commissioning for Outcomes ;

Health & Social Care 'Integration' this month: Lamb supports tech for integrated care ; Leeds shared record suppliers named ; HSCIC to create data security programme ; Salford plans integrated care system

Work in Telephone consultation/telehealth? Survey confirms telehealth ignorance ; Surrey pilots telehealth for depression

Work in primary care? Emis gives pharmacists GP record access

Work in the community? Oxford Health plans October EPR go-live

Work with children and young people? CQC Report: From the pond into the sea; childrens transition to adult services

Work in mental health? Social media posts prompt investigation ; Surrey pilots telehealth for depression ; West Cornwall to pilot record sharing ; Revolution in mental health information is launched

Work in A&E/Ambulance Services? Ambulance IT system pilot delayed

Work in Oncology? Somerset Cancer Register works on EPR

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