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Welcome to the e-Health Nurses Network

December 2014 Update: In a new approach now focused mainly on news this Network seeks to keep you up-to-date with the latest UK-wide e-Health related environment in it's widest sense. We have gradually evolved since first starting in 2003 (for history see e-Health Group) and these pages thus offer a fascinating UK-wide source of e-health information covering over 10 years.

This Network is for all of the UK Countries and local regions - whether you live in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England - you will find a local page relevant to you!

Be informed, be involved, be innovative - e-Health is the future!

AIM : "To facilitate professional development through the exploration of e-health and it's impact on patient care within a new collaborative environment"


The eHealth Nurses Network defines e-health as the "The promotion and facilitation of health & well-being with individuals & families and the enhancement of professional practice by the use of information & communication technology".
[adapted from Gott]

e-Health Highlights: January - February 2015

NMC/Regulatory Update: Revised Code for nurses and midwives (effective March 31st); The freedom to speak up is vital for patient safety and public protection ; Statement welcoming the Government’s response to the Law Commissions’ proposals ;

HCPC Update: HCPC response to Department of Health report on Culture change in the NHS ; Revised Fitness to Practise employer referral form ; Funding the PSA ; HCPC In Focus - Issue 57 ; HCPC Research Report: Preventing small problems from becoming big problems in health and social care ; Research with registrants on perceptions and experiences of the CPD standards and audits (runs till Feb 27th); HCPC responds to the UK Government's response to the Law Commission's report on the regulation of Health and Social Care Professionals ; The HCPC launches new app created for registrants

Live in Wales? See Wales invests £3m in sharing documents - read more on your own eNWI page;

Live in Scotland? See Glasgow pilots brain injuries study -- more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? Know the risks of mild brain injury with help of new app - See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England?See New observations for Great Ormond Street - read more news below or look on your own area page

Don't miss the Newsfeed for even more up to date news which is constantly fed in!

Publications/articles of interest this month: Lords say digital skills will make or break the UK ; The collection, linking and use of data in biomedical research and health care: ethical issues ; Financial sustainability of NHS bodies report published ; Single opt-out proposal ; Manchester United tackles heart health ; Labour's Ten-Year Plan for Health and Care ; Information: to share or not to share: the first year: the Independent Information Governance Oversight Panel’s report to the Secretary of State for Health ; Stevens calls for digital NHS front door ; HSCIC Code of practice on confidential information ; Exercise - the miracle cure ; Plans for new legal protection for NHS whistleblowers ; New standards put patient safety at the heart of medical education and training ; 'Promising approaches to reducing loneliness and isolation in later life,

Web Sites of interest this month: Health Mapper App ; Google Health App ; MyHCPC App ; Mild Brain Injury: Know the Risks App ;

Education/Training: Introduction to commissioning for providers ; Maternity Care Pathways tool ;

Informatics: New health informatics apprenticeships are launched in Wales

Archived News: Archived News 2003 - 2015

Latest Other News January - February 2015

e-records this month:;

Information Governance: US insurer Anthem suffers hack attack ; No date for report response ; Fiddling figures a jail crime from April ; Shed light on big data - ethics report ; Single opt-out "needed" for patient data ; Trusts must back integration - Monitor ; More action needed on IG - Caldicott ; HSCIC data lab to launch in March ; HSCIC Code of practice on confidential information ; Data sharing: HSCIC statement on patient objections

Personal Health records/Personal Health: Another Welsh board rolls out free wi-fi ; Keogh predicts NHS wearables revolution ;

England: Buckinghamshire takes Medway for autumn ; Southampton improves NHS Number tracing ; Medway live with Oasis/Allscripts PAS ; South Warwickshire live with Lorenzo; SCR reaches 50m patients ; Wirral prescribes Cerner for IT boost ; South trusts move forward with SmartCare ; openMaxims CIC approved ; Papworth says Epic "still EPR of choice" ; HSCIC 'chipping away' at NME exit plans ; Basildon deploys EMR solution ;

Wales: Wales invests £3m in sharing documents

CCG's/Commissioning/Quality Monitoring this month: Fiddling figures a jail crime from April ; PAC calls for better NHS cost data ; HSCIC clears data request backlog ; Surrey CCG uses Medway to link referrals ; Three South CSUs to merge ; CCG Bulletin ; Personalised caere for LTC's ;

Work in Telephone consultation/telehealth? NHS 111 caught in onward referrals row ; Tackling Telehealth Report (requires registration)

Work in an acute hospital? Ipswich looks to model A&E demand ; An alternative guide to the urgent and emergency care system in England

Work in primary/community care? App maps long term conditions ; St George's exits BT for RiO ; 5 Boroughs live with RiO ; Derbyshire halfway through Paris rollout '; Isle of Wight connects care with Paris ; Emis has eye on interoperable records ; Birmingham reboots central care record ; NW London district nurses go mobile

Work with children and young people? New observations for Great Ormond Street ; Manchester United tackles heart health ; Children and young people to get more say in their health care ; Investing in children's mental health ;

Work in mental health? Birmingham MH trust brings in Ascribe


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