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Welcome to the e-Health Nurses Network

December 2014 Update: In a new approach now focused mainly on news this Network seeks to keep you up-to-date with the latest UK-wide e-Health related environment in it's widest sense. We have gradually evolved since first starting in 2003 (for history see e-Health Group) and these pages thus offer a fascinating UK-wide source of e-health information covering over 10 years.

This Network is for all of the UK Countries and local regions - whether you live in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England - you will find a local page relevant to you!

Be informed, be involved, be innovative - e-Health is the future!

AIM : "To facilitate professional development through the exploration of e-health and it's impact on patient care within a new collaborative environment"


The eHealth Nurses Network defines e-health as the "The promotion and facilitation of health & well-being with individuals & families and the enhancement of professional practice by the use of information & communication technology".
[adapted from Gott]

e-Health Highlights: April-May 2015

NMC/Regulatory Update: Provisional Revalidation requirements ; Revalidation Guidance and Resources ; Response to the lack of a bill to modernise nursing and midwifery regulation ; Become a fitness to practice panel member ; Upcoming events on the revised code and revalidation ; New guidance to support the new code. ; Register with NMC on-lineKeep informed sign up for the NMC Newsletter ; March 2015 Update (annual publication)

HCPC Update: Online survey asks how registrants promote their HCPC registration ; Outcomes of the consultation on registration fees ; Consultation on Revised Standards of conduct, performance and ethics (runs till 26th June); Revised Fitness to Practice Process ; FtP Flowchart

Latest edition of In Focus ;

Live in Wales? See £6.7M investment in new IT system to integrate NHS and Social Services in Wales - read more on your own eNWI page;

Live in Scotland? See Super hospital catalyst for paperless environment - more Scottish news on your own Scotland Page

Live in Northern Ireland? Integrated care is a priority - See this and more news on your own Northern Ireland page

Live in England?See Records access target hit - read more news below or look on your own area page

Don't miss the Newsfeed for even more up to date news which is constantly fed in!

Publications/articles of interest this month: Worcestershire outsources IT services ; App allows messages from the dead ; Tech part of 7-day NHS - Cameron ; More cities to control health budgets ; BSI Health & Wellness Apps Code of Conduct ; RCP Using Apps in Clinical Practice Guidance ; Workforce planning in the NHS Kings Fund Report ; Uses and abuses of performance data in healthcare Dr Foster Report ; Test Bed programme

Web Sites of interest this month: WebGP ; SwonSong App ; Choosing Wisely ; Living it Up ; Minding Your Head Website ; NI Find a mental health organisation ; Bereavement Network Website ; Social Care Improvement Tool

Education/Training: Homegrown e-learning course heads accross the border ; Applications open for ICT Training Academy ; PCC The Confident Leader

Archived News: Archived News 2003 - 2015

Latest Other News April-May 2015

e-records this month:;

Information Governance: Delay to 700,00 patient opt outs ; MDU Advice: On-line access to patient records

Personal Health records/Personal Health: Further funding for patient feedback website ; Patients can check hospitals records for surgical procedures ; Only patients can close the NHS funding gap

England: Milton Keynes to stick with Cerner ; CQC identifies more IT problems at Barts ;'Health tourist' info added to the Spine ; Yeovil gets £3.7M to implement EPR ; Lincolnshire upgrades Medway ; Coventry to procure new EPR ; Cumbria turns on sexual health EPR

Wales: £6.7M investment in new IT system to integrate NHS and Social Services in Wales

Scotland: Super hospital catalyst for paperless environment

CCG's/Commissioning/Quality Monitoring this month: CCgs need IT practice agreements ; Uses and abuses of performance data in healthcare Dr Foster Report

Integrated Services/data this month: 6.7M investment in new IT system to integrate NHS and Social Services in Wales ; London shares urgent care plans ; Connecting care ramps up ; NHS Choices aims to aggregate ; EMIS widens data sharing ambitions ; NHS Identifier Bill passes Lords

Work in Telephone consultation/telehealth? Ambulance trust quits NHS 111 contracts ; NHS 111 should be scrapped - GPs ; West Suffolf Telemedicine pilot at risk

Work in an acute hospital or ambulance service? Leeds links staff training with devices ; QR coded helmits to help in RTAs ; Kings pilot Apple Watch App ; Nottingham kiosks improve efficiency ; South Central Ambulance first for SCR

Work in primary/community care? Web GP to reach millions ; Bath GPs take tablets at weekends ; Partnership trust to link RiO to PKB ; Threat to hurl tablets into canal ; MDU Advice: On-line access to patient records ; e-referral service live on 15th June ; Nurse tech fund helps Humber go mobile ; 'Lab in a bag' backed by NHS England

Work with children and young people? GP out of hours and pay reforms linked to more emergency admissions for children

Work in mental health? Minding Your Head Website

Work in Midwifery? Born to move app launched ; New report brings together existing maternity data ;


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